Please Note

Term & Conditions
- This form is to be completed only by Hujaaj that have been accredited by SAHUC
- Before completing the application please choose Khidmatul Awaam as your operator on the SAHUC website
- Please ensure that the SAHUC fees have been paid.
- Additional documentation will be required for non South African citizens.
- If the hujaaj are sharing a double, triple or quad room, they will fill one application form.
- If they require a second room for the same group, then a new application has to be filled in on the name of the hujaaj occupying the
- Completion of the application form does not guarantee your approval, unless payment is received .
- EOE , All prices are subject to currency fluctuation terms and conditions.
- On completion of the application form, it will be deemed that for all intent and purposes that the prospective Hajji is in Agreement
with all the terms and Conditions of such Online application and binds himself, his spouse, dependents and all other Family
members who travel with him to the Terms and Conditions stipulated in this application ,
- Shall in the event of any breach on the part of such Hajji result in Full Liability being incurred by the said Hajji in favour of KAPS,
should Kaps provide proof of Loss within a reasonable period to the said Hajji.
- All foreign passport holders to apply for 4 week package and less.
- No guarantee that the foreign visas will be released prior to travel.
- No foreign passport holders are allowed to apply for Aqsa optional add on.
- All flights may be subjected to an additional cost for extra night in the event a scheduled flight is booked accordingly.
- All luggage requirements are as per ticket indication and may differ as per the respective airlines.
- All packages have been calculated on indicative days subject to confirmation of flights. If a return flight is confirmed earlier this will
however not change the price of package.
- Additional charges will apply for the transportation of extra luggage.
- A cash deposit fee will be levied against all cash deposits that are made into KAPS account.
- All Azizia rooms are based on 4 sharing.
- All indicative dates are subject to the confirmation of flights.
- All booking dates and packages are calculated inline with the gregorian calendar, Islamic dates are used for reference only.
- All hotel check-in times are after Asr salaah.
- KAPS is not responsible for the denial of nor the issuing of visas.
- All wheelchair bound passengers and hujaaj with severe illnesses to have a caregiver accredited by SAHUC for Hajj...

Please accept the above terms before proceeding